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As per Wikipedia:

"Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a neologism for a perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli.”


Basically, It’s like the feeling you get when someone tickles your back or plays with your hair, when you first step in front of a heater on a cold day, when you find the perfect spot to nap in sun and when someone takes care of you all in one.

I stumbled upon it by accident after watching a bunch of videos of a woman making tea and finding it relaxed me. I mentioned it to my brother and he showed me the magic of ASMR.

It has helped me to sleep when I am too wired to calm down, staved off multiple panic attacks, aided in midday calming and naps and provided a warm place to go when I feel the need for personal attention.

Some of you will be very familiar with ASMR, some will have no idea what it is, and some of you may be immune to it (unfortunately not EVERYONE gets tingles).

Some people like scratching sounds, tapping, whispering, water running, there’s so many potential tingle triggers so if one doesn’t work don’t give up hope!

Also if the video recommends you were earphones, DO IT!


This rec list is a collection of my favourite videos and artists.

I encourage you to explore more on YouTube and see what works for you, and hopefully a few of you will enjoy the same wonderful benefits I have from this incredible phenomena and community!


To start, here’s a couple of great videos that test your triggers! A bunch of different ASMR triggers in short segments to help you know what works for you!

  1. BInaural trigger test
  2. What makes you tingle?

Incidental ASMR

My favourite ASMRtists

My favourite Spa/Haircut Roleplays

My favourite Makeup Roleplay

Miscellaneous videos and other Roleplay favourites

Personal attention/ Talking you down from a Panic attack

Remember these are just MY favourites. There are ALL KINDS of videos, lots of just sound videos etc. So please go forth and find what you like!

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who ever said high school was the best 4 years of their life must have had a really fast metabolism and was probably really popular and had lots of friends and got good grades and did not have social anxiety 

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King Gavin Part 2 comes out. Someone finally collects their fourth block, only for Gavin to announce that none of them have won. Lindsay suddenly joins the game. She steps onto the throne, which is now torn to pieces. Gavin hands her the crown and proclaims that she is Queen.

They have dismantled the patriarchy.

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Geoff always said that, out of fear, he’d fall over and let a rattlesnake eat him… Apparently he does that in all sorts of fear situations… including a hair crimper that’s older than Gavin.

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"hey i’m really full do you want the rest of my-"


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"I want a plus-sized princess!"


"I want a princess who can’t sing!"


"I want a princess who can fight!"


"I want a non-traditional princess!"


In conclusion Fiona is great and just because Disney didn’t make her doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist.

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"White people looking for something they lost." I physically died.

i just threw my laptop off the bed

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I had to Google this. Worth it.

good lord there are nine fics about this commercial on AO3


The sexual tension in this commercial is stronger than the vibes between MCU Steve and Bucky. What the actual hell.

There’s now 13 fics on AO3

The fandom is growing.

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They call me coffee cuz I grind so fine

They call me coffee I keep you up past 2 am

They call me coffee because I’m really bitter and most people don’t like me without changing some aspect of what I am


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When someone says they’re in a fandom but are completely ignorant to it.

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taxpayers dollars





dragons are mentioned in almost all cultures all across the world even before they had interaction with each other and you’re telling me they didn’t exist

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